Your Attention is so valuable!

Below are 17 millionaire-mindset principles to
learn now.

1.People solicit it

2.Companies pay for it

3.God requires it

4.Your attention can help to make someone

5.People are being paid on various platforms
for other peoples’ attention

6.Anyone who has your full attention has your
time - and your time is an invaluable

7.Anyone who has your full attention has your
mind to potentially influence or persuade

8.Anyone who has your full attention can have
your resources (money)

9.Your attention is the beginning of awareness

10. Awareness
(knowledge/information/education) stimulates

11. Desires produce action

12. Anything or anyone you give your attention
to gets to know more about you (except God, He
already knows ALL about you)

13. Your attention is in high demand

14. Attention wasted on the wrong things
creates a lack of productivity and a lack of

15. Distraction is a tool used to get you
mismanaging your attention

16. Your attention should be managed because
you’re responsible for it and it is extremely

17. Anything we give our full undivided
attention to will produce a harvest in return. That
can be a harvest of knowledge, understanding,
experience, information, wisdom, skillset,
resources, wealth, etc.

Thank you for reading our 17 principles on attention.

- by Mark Grant